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Wild Hog Panels

Originating from big and bulky welded panels used for containing pigs on hog farms, our smaller size panels are perfect for any railing application. Manufactured with a 6 gauge welded 4”x4” mesh pattern, Wild Hog Panels allow for great visibility, are extremely durable, and versatile for use in both residential and commercial project designs.

Our Process

We utilize the most advanced manufacturing methods available, delivering our customers high quality, durable, and beautiful products that are available on the market today.

Thorough Prep

Each panel receives a 4 stage phosphate bath with a de-ionized water rinse.


A zinc-rich 2-coat primer is applied that helps reduce corrosion and ensures durability.

Powder Coated

A top quality powder coat finish is applied in a “Black Hog” or “Silver Hog” finish.

Wild Hog 6 Gauge Panel

Smoky Mountain Hog Panel

Raw Tahoe Hog Panel

U.S.S Hog Panel

Hog Tracks 

Black Tahoe Hog Panel

Freedom Fill-for Trex Transcend

Hog Tusks 


What People are Saying


“The panels are exactly what we envisioned in our planning phase.  The panels are tough and yet seem to disappear from view when enjoying our view of the surrounding property.”


Awesome Product!

“Awesome product and had rave reviews from guests at our house …..going to do my other deck on the front side of my house.


Beautiful View!

“The Wild Hog mesh panels live up to their reputation of providing a great railing without interrupting your view.  The black panels we used are practically invisible to the eye.”



“This product was amazing, and easy to work with.  I’ll be using as often as I can.”



Check out some of the most common questions that we get asked.  If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for please contact us directly and we we get back to you as soon as we can.

Where can I buy Wild Hog Products?

Please go to our “Dealer Locator” link.  If you don’t see a dealer in your area please fill out a request a quote form.

How long will it take for someone to respond to my Request a Quote?

Typically you will be contacted by one of Wild Hog Representatives within 24-48 hours M-F.  If you do not hear from anyone please contact Craig Smalley at csmalley@capital-lumber.com

It doesn’t show any stocking dealer in my state, how can I get it?
What is the best way to cut Wild Hog Panels?

Small bolt cutters are the easiest way to cut Wild Hog 6 gauge Panels.

Can I get custom sizes of Wild Hog Panels?

Currently, we only quote custom sizes on quantities of 100+ panels.

How do i fasten the hog tracks?

Self-tapping stainless steel screws. 

Are your panels galvanized?
Our panels go through a multi-step process. First, they are placed in a phosphate bath, electro-galvanized, another phosphate bath, next, a primer is applied and then a final powder coat.
What is the best way to cut the panels down to size?

Bolt cutters work the best. 

Why are my powder coated panels rusting?

The powder coat finish is designed to prevent corrosion. Most often, the panels are mishandled and the powder coat finish is scratched off. If the powder coat is broken, moisture can soak into the steel and cause the panel to rust. 

What are hog tusks?

Hog Tusks are vinyl stoppers that can be applied to the cut ends of your Wild Hog Panels. Hog Tusks protect the cut ends from corrosion and eliminate any rattling noise in heavy winds. 

Do you have an infill option to install Wild hog panels with composite railing?

Wild Hog Products has a Freedom Fill Channel which allows you to install Wild Hog Panels with Trex Transcend Railing. Available in 6’ or 8’ lengths and black or white. 

How do i stop the rusting on the raw tahoe hog panels?

We recommend letting your panels weather to the desired look, and then applying a clear coat spray paint suitable for metal to protect the finish. 

do you offer touch up paint for the panels?

Yes, please use the store locator to find your nearest stocking dealer. 

do tahoe hog and smoky mountain panels fit in the hog tracks?

These panels do fit into Hog Tracks.  However, since the panels are woven, the ends are slightly off set and wider so minor adjustments need to be made by slightly bending the ends inward to align in the Hog Track.  A back and forth motion while easing the panel into the bottom track is helpful for proper installation. 

can i install wild hog panels without a top and/or bottom rail?

Not recommended for proper installation. 

Do your panels rust?

Steel will rust and corrosion can be accelerated depending on how harsh the environment is. The powder coat finish is designed to prevent the steel from corrosion. Harsher environments may require additional maintenance. If you want a panel that will withstand the elements, consider using our 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel USS Hog Panels. 

What other methods are used to install panels?

There are 2 common methods to install Wild Hog Panels with wood posts and railing. First method is to run a groove into your top and bottom rails and let the panel rest in those channels. Second method is to wedge the panel between wood (ex: 2”x2”) and build a frame all the way around the panel.

Do you recommend any aluminum and/or steel railing systems that will work with Wild Hog Panels?

There are many metal railing systems to choose from. We have seen some excellent projects completed with Vista Aluminum Railing, Cinch Steel Railing & Trex Signature Aluminum Railing.

What can i do if my panels start rusting?

Apply Wild Hog Touch Up spray paint to the affected area immediately. 

What is the minimum size i can cut a woven panel (Tahoe/smokey)

We  recommend leaving at least 4 weaves in either direction.

do you make a stainless steel panel?

Yes, USS Hog Panels are available in 3×6, 3×8 & 5×6.  For more info:  U.S.S Hog Panels 

How do i reduce the rattle after installing the panels in the hog tracks?

First, make sure you use Hog Tusks on each cut end to protect from rust, these will also help to reduce rattle.  Also, applying clear caulking, and/or silicone inside the Hog Track can help reduce the rattling sound.  

Can i use your hog tracks as my top and or bottom rail without fastening to wood rails?

That is NOT recommended for proper installation. 

how many hog tracks do i need for each panel/section installation?

The NEW HOG TRACK KIT makes it easy.  For each 6’ and/or 8’ section you’re building you would order 1 Kit.  Each kit includes 2 full length Hog Tracks in either 6′ or 8′ length, 2-34” Hog Tracks, 25 Star drive screws and 50 Hog Tusks. For more info.

If you want to order individually:

3′ x 6’ Section/Panel:  3-6′ Hog Tracks, 1ea for top and bottom rail, (1-6′ track is cut to length for each side post)

3′ x 8’ Section/Panel:  2-8′ Hog Tracks, 1ea for top and bottom rail, (1-6′ track is cut to length for each side post)