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About Us

WILD HOG PANELS were designed with your landscape in mind. Our rolling hills and topography lend itself to beautiful views and panoramic landscapes. No longer do we have to block those views with bulky plastic balusters or high maintenance wood pickets. Wild Hog Panels are the CLEAR choice.

Wild Hog

Wild Hog Panels are a product specifically designed for the consumer. Originating from big and bulky welded panels used livestock, our smaller size panels are perfect for any railing application. With a 6 gauge welded 4”x4” mesh pattern, Wild Hog Panels allows for great visibility while being extremely durable.


What People are Saying


“The panels are exactly what we envisioned in our planning phase.  The panels are tough and yet seem to disappear from view when enjoying our view of the surrounding property.”


Awesome Product!

“Awesome product and had rave reviews from guests at our house… going to do my other deck on the front side of my house.


Beautiful View!

“The Wild Hog mesh panels live up to their reputation of providing a great railing without interrupting your view.  The black panels we used are practically invisible to the eye.”



“This product was amazing, and easy to work with.  I’ll be using as often as I can.”





Wild Hog Panels